Osphera banner v03Who are We?
The Observatory of Student Politics and Higher Education Research in Africa (Osphera.net) was established in December 2015 as a network of African and international researchers and volunteers interested in conducting research and continuously documenting the development of higher education and student politics in Africa.
Mission Statement
Osphera.net is to document and analyse the changing higher education sector in Africa with a specific focus on student affairs, student politics and the student experience. It offers a platform for researchers to observe, collaboratively investigate, and share their knowledge on ongoing developments in student politics, student affairs and students’ experience of higher education in Africa.
The network of researchers is coordinated by a leadership team with the support of partner organisations. Membership to the network is open, see contact us for joining.
Simply put, we would like your help in conducting interdisciplinary research on student politics and the higher education apparatus in African democracies, within a globalised context.
It was established following the successful conclusion of the project “Student Representation in African Higher Education Governance” sponsored by Carnegie Corporation of New York (2014-2015).
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  1. The platform is a viable and will help through research reduce challenges facing higher education in Africa. This is a good and constructive initiative.

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