Journal of Student Affairs in Africa (JSAA) is fully accredited in South Africa

From 2017, the Journal of Student Affairs in Africa (JSAA)  is accredited by the South African national Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) as subsidy-earning scholarly journal. This means that authors based in SA higher education institutions, who publish refereed articles in the journal, i.e. research-based articles and reflective practitioner accounts, will be able to submit their articles for DHET-funding of recognised research outputs to their universities.

According to Dr Birgit Schreiber, member of the Editorial Executive of JSAA, the implications of this official recognition of JSAA as a scholarly journal are huge in the South African and African context: “It contributes towards making Student Affairs professionalised and academic discipline. It also contributes significantly towards strengthening Student Affairs and Higher Education as a role player in impacting Social Justice in South Africa and Africa.”

For the authors – many of whom are student affairs practitioners – it is a huge recognition that their research into student affairs and services, the student experience, and their interventions, as well as reflective practitioner accounts in this respect, are an important form of “scholarship of practice” in the way it was discussed in the launch issue of JSAA in 2013 by Carpenter and Haber-Curran (see article here). published the issue Vol. 3(1) Student Power in African Higher Education in JSAA.

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