Student Activism in SA – The #MustFall Movements

In the wake of the largest student uprising in post-apartheid South Africa in 2015/16, starting with #RhodesMustFall at the University of Cape Town, a number of ‘derivative’ movements on other university campuses, and eventually issuing in the nation-wide #FeesMustFall movement (and related movements like #EndOutsourcing), a South African research team has been constituted which aims to document and analysis the ‘new SA student movement’. The project is coordinated at the University of the Free State and includes researchers such as Leigh-Ann Naidoo, Shose Kessi, Taabo Mugume, Nkululeko Makhubu, Kyla Jones, Omar Badsha, Lis Lange, Carl Collison and Thierry Luescher, amongst others. The research team aims to conduct its research in collaborative and open fashion, including in its processes interactions with former and current activists and other participants.

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