Partners is grateful for support received from partner organisations:

SAHOSouth African History Online

South African History Online (SAHO) is a non-profit organisation, which was established in 2000 to address the bias in the way South Africa’s and Africa’s history and heritage was represented under colonialism and apartheid in our educational, cultural and heritage institutions. SAHO’s flagship project is its online encyclopaedia and archive of South African and African History; it includes among its resources information on the South African student movement.

African Minds TrustLogo - African Mind

African Minds is an open access, not-for-profit publisher. It publishes predominantly in the social sciences (and has a special focus on issues of higher education) and its authors are typically African academics or organisations. African Minds offers innovative approaches to those frustrated by a lack of support from traditional publishers or by their anachronistic approach to making research available. At African Minds, the emphasis is less on the commercial viability of publications than on fostering access, openness and debate in the pursuit of growing and deepening the African knowledge base. See: African Minds website

The Andrew Mellon FoundationMellon

The Mellon Foundation was established in 1969. It endeavors to strengthen, promote, and, where necessary, defend the contributions of the humanities and the arts to human flourishing and to the well-being of diverse and democratic societies. To this end, it supports exemplary institutions of higher education and culture as they renew and provide access to an invaluable heritage of ambitious, path-breaking work by making grants in five core program areas: Higher Education and Scholarship in the Humanities; Arts and Cultural Heritage; Diversity; Scholarly Communications; and International Higher Education and Strategic Projects. The Mellon Foundation is supporting the project “The New SA Student Movement: From #RMF to #FMF”. See website.

Logo - CarnegieCarnegie Corporation of New York

Carnegie Corporation of New York is America’s oldest grant making foundation, established in 1911 by Andrew Carnegie to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding. In keeping with this mandate, the Corporation’s work focuses on the issues that Andrew Carnegie considered of paramount importance: international peace, the advancement of education and knowledge, and the strength of our democracy. Carnegie supported the project “Student Representation in Africa” . See: Carnegie website


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