Osphera.net is an international network of researchers and volunteers committed to the promotion of higher education and knowledge production in Africa, and focused on investigating and documenting students’ experience, student politics and student affairs of higher education in Africa.

Volunteers are engaged in writing blog posts, identifying and adding resources, doing research and publishing and maintaining this website along with administration, resource mobilization, and so forth.

Interested in volunteering for a minimum of one year?

Please send a CV along with a motivation letter indicating how you propose to contribute to the Osphra Africa network

Mail to osphera@outlook.com 

Current volunteers include:

Dr Thierry M. Luescher (Overall network leader)

Dr Gérard Birantamije, Université du Lac Tanganyika (Central Africa and Francophone Africa)

Prof. Ransford E.V. Gyampo, University of Ghana (West Africa)

Dr Thierry M. Luescher, Human Sciences Research Council (Southern Africa)

Mr James Otieno Jowi, Moi University (East Africa)

Dr Manja Klemenčič, Harvard University (Europe, Central Asia and North America)

Mr Taabo Mugume (Coordination support)

Mr Nkululeko Makhubu, University of Cape Town, Human Sciences Research Council (Webmaster)

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